Allan Pease

Allan Pease has been known internationally as "Mr. Body Language" since his book on the subject became a multi-million best-seller and a communication bible for companies all over the world.

A born achiever, he started his sales career at age 10 selling rubber sponges door-to-door after school to earn pocket money. He began writing and developing his own techniques of selling at age 18 and was the National No. 1 Salesperson for a company selling pots and pans. 

By 21 he was the youngest person ever to sell over $1,000,000 of Life Insurance in his first sales year and at 24 achieved membership in National Mutual's elite "International Top 20' for multi-million dollar sales - the youngest ever to do it. 

At 29 he was a Senior Executive and partner in Australia's largest Life Insurance Brokerage and was responsible for $103,000,000 of insurance sales in one year before becoming a full-time Speaker.

For over three decades he has taught others how to succeed. He teaches skills and techniques in a humorous way that participants never forget.

His keynote addresses, books, videos, audio training programmes and his advice on image are sought by business executives, Prime Ministers, TV presenters and rock stars.

He has written six best-selling books and has appeared on tv and radio throughout the world including an acclaimed tv and video series on body language which has been seen by over 100 million people.

Today, he heads his own Training Company and conducts seminars in 30 countries. His client list reads like a "Who's Who in Business" - names like IBM, Sheraton, AMP, ESSO, Woolworth's, McDonalds, the BBC, Mazda, Institute of Accountants, New York Life, Barclays' Bank, Telecom, Suzuki and even the Tax Office! Allan has given seminars for the Police Force, the Army and Navy, and at hospitals, universities and colleges. 

His advice on Image is sought by people ranging from business executives, Russian politicians, to television presenters and rock stars. His Video Training Programs are part of many training courses in business and his work has been the cover story for magazines ranging from Reader's Digest to Playboy.



After this session you'll look at yourself and others differently. You'll be able to read between the lines of what others say and develop an understanding through 'Body Language' signals. You'll also discover how to develop instant rapport; know when someone is lying; read between the lines;  become dynamic and effective in writing letters and faxes and how to dress for success. Powerful, pointed and humorous.

"Allan Pease is hilarious. Plus I never realised that you can laugh so much while learning SO MUCH, and Allan's address was consistent with the high standards a University expects." Dr. Blair Stone PHD, University Consultant - MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY


It now costs 5 times more to attract a new customer, than to get an existing customer to buy again. Today's buyers want to build a relationship first ... before they buy. This session shows how to win people over, get them to buy from you, and to keep them coming back.

"Allan's presentation on techniques for handling people was so powerful, that we have used him TWICE on our European Training" -Marketing Director - AMERICAN EXPRESS (EUROPE)



Three out of four people you meet think differently to you. This program reveals how to get inside someone else's head, see through their eyes, and discover their 'Hot' and 'Cold' buttons. Discover how to get people to say yes; how to handle tough customers and how to gain instant rapport.


Understanding how the brain functions has become a major key in promoting the change process in business. Dramatic new research reveals that the "wiring" between male and female brains is significantly different and affects how each perceives the world. Discover what men and women need to do to get on in business; how to avoid arguments, disagreements and conflict and about dominance, control and power issues.



This seminar can bring spectacular results. The technique is used by many of the world's largest sales organisations, and averages a success rate of 7 out of 10 on cold calls!



Ever forgotten someone's name right in the middle of a conversation? And they remembered yours. Ever gone to a business meeting without your agenda or diary and couldn't remember what you wanted to discuss? There'll be no more of that after this session. A powerful memory is a skill that has unparalleled impact in business dealings.


If you write letters for any reason this is a 'must have' session. You'll discover how to write letters, faxes, tenders, quotes and bills that get read and acted upon. How to grab your reader early; how to get results from tenders, proposals and quotations; how to deal with debtors and how to sell through the mail.


A presentation for multi-level marketing companies. Teaches how to get an appointment, give a powerful presentation and build a fabulous business.

"The most powerful networking presentation we have ever seen."- AMWAY


Understanding the psychology and physiology of laughter and the value of humour as a key to success. Live longer through humour and smile your way into the hearts, minds and trust of others in business and personal relationships.


"The Civic Awards Dinner is the most prestigious event of the year for our Nation's Capital. The guest list included the Governor General, past Prime Ministers and other dignitaries. Our choice of Allan Pease as M.C. and Guest Speaker made a perfect evening. Allan has a relaxed professional manner and is a pleasure to work with." General Manager - MICHAEL FOWLER CENTRE (WELLINGTON, N.Z.)



"Allan Pease can hold an audience for several hours and still be wonderfully interesting and entertaining. He does an exceptional job." -Master Builders' Association

"Allan was an extremely exciting, humorous and informative way to begin our conference." -Tetra Pak

"Thank you for your fantastic presentation at our recent seminar. You knocked 'em dead!! I am sure that from now until the next time when the delegates see you again they will remember every part of your entertaining and powerful program." -John Raymond General Manager, Independent Liquor Group Co-op Ltd.

"What a great meeting! Those who attended are still talking about it and those who didn't have been told by those who did just what they missed out on. AGM's are normally dull and boring and over in about thirty minutes, unless Allan Pease accepts an invitation to impart some of his knowledge and humour to the assembled multitude. I will certainly be making use of your services on other occasions." John Oakes Chairman & Executive Director,Australian Battery Industry Association Ltd.

"Allan's presentation for the National Brake Conference was of very high calibre. I will always keep in mind the services of Pease Training International, and distribute any information from you to all divisions within the Motor Traders' Association." Allan Cornish, Brake Specialist Division Manager, Motor Traders' Association of NSW

"The audience was enthralled. He's a real winner! Could have listened to him for hours." -Adam Wilson, Registered Clubs Association

"The Inaugural Retirement Village Association conference was a great success and certainly finished on a high note, thanks to Allan. We were determined not to let the conference 'wind down' and thanks to Allan's reputation we kept a full house until the end...nobody left! The other problem we faced was how to appeal to several different streams of interest including developers, financiers, lawyers, managers and nurses. The most obvious link in such a people oriented business was communication using Allan. It worked. Allan was extremely professional and relaxed. He was able to gain willing participation without the threatening approach of some speakers. Perhaps the greatest compliment was the opinion sheet rating with 96% of all the delegates rating him either Excellent or Very Good, well ahead of any of the other conference sessions and speakers."

Keith Burke
Conference Organiser
Inaugural Retirement Village Association

From Delegates... some comments included: "Excellent", "Very entertaining and useful", "Great speaker", "Most enjoyable and enlightening". For content 95% of respondents rated you 100% perfect and 97% of respondents rated you 100% perfect for presentation style.

Mary Waters
Assistant Executive Director
Australian Funeral Directors Association


"Allan delivered a dynamic address which enlightened us all. He imparted clear and useful information for our members to incorporate into their promotions, exhibitions and businesses. Our sincere thanks."

Anthony K South
Managing Director
Sydney Convention & Visitors Bureau



"Well done Allan! Lots of positive feedback. It was funny, enjoyable and we got lots of useful information for women to use."

Maureen Downes
Women & Management Inc.


"Thank you for your amazing presentation at Woden Plaza's recent annual retailer meeting. I was inundated with calls of thanks from attendees the next day and enthusiasm for your inspirational message. There was a definite buzz of excitement in the air as I walked around the centre the next day. We all learned so much from you. Thank you for making the night so special and successful."

Michele Corin
Lend Lease


"Allan gave a thoroughly enjoyable presentation and tailored it to complement our professional agenda. I would be pleased to personally recommend Allan to any other organisation."

Caroline Beasley


"Nothing to say except FANTASTIC! They loved him."

Maruta Rodan
Institute of Chartered Accountants

"Congress 1996 was described as a huge success by delegates. Nearly 600 accountants participated. The highlight of the event was undoubtedly a presentation by Allan Pease who had delegates laughing, imitating drunks, pretending to be doctors, looking like sheriffs and generally having fun while learning."

CPA Magazine



"Allan, as expected, performed in a professional manner and achieved our objective of entertaining our guests. Keep up the good work!"

Jim Campbell
J & B Petroleum

"Thank you for the huge contribution you made in the Conference in Brighton this year. I personally believe it was Allan's presentation that made it such a success. It was a golden day for me when I was introduced to you guys!"

Jacqui Spicer
Conference Organiser
Herbalife, UK

"We sought two things...'final attraction' to help keep audience to end of conference and a topic that appealed to wide interest streams... Allan succeeded on both counts."

Keith Burke
Eldercare Consultants


"It's good to see how popular Allan is becoming on the UK and European speaking circuit. What sets Allan apart is the fact that he is able to take his wealth of experience in the field of body language and translate it into a factual and effective presentation on communication skills that really work! His humorous delivery style also ensures that his presentations are enjoyed by all members of the audience and as we know, when people are laughing they are learning."

Peter Cherry
Cherry International (AMWAY)
Marketing & Management Consultants

"Thank you for the huge contribution you made in the Conference in Brighton this year. I personally believe it was Allan's presentation that made it such a success. It was a golden day for me when I was introduced to you guys!"

Jacqui Spicer
Conference Organiser
Herbalife, UK


"The feedback from Allan's presentation was 100% positive. It was an extremely successful morning session on Communication for Women."

Wendy Perkins
Enterprising Women

"Well done Allan! Lots of positive feedback. It was funny, enjoyable and we got lots of useful information for women to use."

Maureen Downes
Women & Management Inc.


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