Children's rhymes and stuff...

These children's rhymes and bits and pieces were current in Atherton when I was a kid in the 50's.



Sally Army sell fish,

Three apence a dish.

Don't buy 'em, don't buy 'em

They stink when you fry 'em


Kenny Hall

Toffee Ball

Two for tuppence apenny.


What's yer name?


Where do you live?

Down a grid.

What number?


What Street?

Pig's Feet.


Inky Pinky Ponky,

Father bought a donkey.

Donkey died, Father cried.

Inky Pinky Ponky.


Chin Chin Chinaman bought a penny doll.

Washed it and dressed it and called it Pretty Poll.

Sent for the Doctor,

The Doctor wouldn't come.

Because it had a pimple on its 

Bum Bum Bum


Jim Smith is no good.

Chop him up for firewood.

When he's dead, stamp on his head

Then we'll have some currant bread...


Rhubarb and custard and green golly pie

All mixed together with a dead dog's eye.

Spread it on a butty nice and thick.

Then wash it all down with a cup of cold sick.


Milk, Milk, Lemonade.

Round the corner where chocolate's made...

(With appropriate pointing to various body parts).


Ip Dip Dash, My Blue Sash.

Sailing on the Water

Like a cup and saucer.

Ip Dip Dash.

For I say, you are  IT.


Once upon a time, there was no lime

And the bricklayers had no mortar.

There came a little bird and he did a little turd

And the bricklayers had some mortar.


When we wanted to call a truce between games, we would shout:


"Filly loo - tin milk!" in a certain way - then the game was held up while we had our tea.