On Bob's first stage appearance some 30 years ago at a talent contest the comment was 'Listen to this Comic's superb timing' and over the subsequent years this has been repeated time and time again. 
Probably the highest compliment comes from his fellow comedians when he is often referred to as 'the Comedians' Comedian'.

Over the years Bob has been able to entertain successfully all types of audiences in all sorts of venues from the luxury of the ocean-going cruise liner to the humble social club and all stations in between.

In addition Bob is a past Captain and Chairman of the Comedians Golfing Society and is an ideal humorous after dinner speaker for your golfing dinner or golf day.

Overall Bob is 'a professional', `vastly experienced', 'totally reliable', `immaculately dressed' and `very funny'.

CABARET CLUBS Blazers, Baileys, Circus Tavern, Jollies, Lakeside, etc.

FUNCTION CONFERENCE CABARET (Hotels) London Hilton, Royal Garden, Cafe Royal, Europe etc.
Nicolas Kiwi, Sterling Health, 3M, McDougalls, Bass Charrington, etc.

AFTER DINNER SPEAKING Burleigh GC, Ashford GC, Sawbridgeworth GC, Watford FC, Alpha Metals, Highlight Windows, Euro Print.

CRUISING PO SS Canberra, SS Sea Princess, SS Oriana (Mediterranean, Australia and parts of the world cruises), QE2, Countless, Princess.

TV ADVERTS The Comedians, Flora, Qualcast 'Lot less bovver', Skol, Woolwich Building Society, etc.

TV SERIES PLAYS The Bill, Rumpole of the Bailey, Born and Bred, The Squad, Jemima Shore.

FILMS Resting Rough, Hound of the Baskervilles (Peter Cook Dudley Moore), Hazel's Night.


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