Charles Morgan

Charles Morgan

Change Management Speaker

Charles Morgan is the Managing Director of the Morgan Motor Company, the world's oldest privately owned motor manufacturer based in Malvern, Worcestershire. The company is a very successful family business which was started 85 years ago. 

Today it has an 11 million pounds turnover producing 500 `made-to-order' sports cars  every year. All the cars are hand built using a coachbuilding process developed in the early part of the century and with minute attention to standards and detail. Half of these cars are exported all around the world.

The company is a mine of fascinating facts and history but one of the most interesting things about Morgan is the way that this traditional company has adapted to change in order to survive in our ever changing modern world. Charles, having been a major part of the change, is able to speak effectively about change management in a traditional environment calling on his own and the company's experiences - it's successes and challenges and how it continues to adapt and thrive. 

Added to the wealth of his experience on change management, Charles can also share his experiences on how to manage a family business - managing both family and the business - pinpointing the strengths and weaknesses.

His main areas of expertise are:

.Change management
.People management
.Sales and Marketing

During his time with Morgan, Charles has come up with some unique marketing ideas and is happy to share some of these and talk about his golden rule of zigging when others are zagging! 

Charles can illustrate the importance of taking a different approach when selling, particularly into a niche market.

Prior to taking on the family firm, Charles worked in publishing and was a news cameraman with ITN.

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