Comedian Jimmy Cricket was born in Cookstown, Northern Ireland, into an Irish family of four brothers and one sister, whose father was an undertaker. 

He left school at sixteen and spent his first two years in the big wide world working at a betting shop, before graduating to the Butlin's Holiday camp at Mosney, County Meath, for the Summer Season of 1966 working as a Red Coat for three meals a day and GBP6.00 a week!

The following two summers found him at the Butlins Holiday Camp at Clacton where he picked up more ideas and observations from fellow Redcoats and visiting artists. From this is started to put together a 'patter' act to make the customers smile at Irish Blarney.

Over the next few years Jimmy - by then living in the city of Manchester -spent the long days between infrequent engagements as a door-to-door salesman around the pubs and clubs of the North, but as he says himself 'I wasn't very successful as everybody I knew had a door.'

However, in the summer of 1972 he changed the colour of his summer jacket, becoming a Blue coat at the Pontins Camps at Southport and Morecambe. This is where he met his future wife, May, who was then working at the camps as one half of an act called the Tweedie Sisters. Again he says to himself 'When I bumped into her she was wearing a Halloween mask, it was love at first fright.'

Jimmy and May married in 1974 and now have two sons and two daughters -Dale, Frank, Jamie, Katie - and they reside in Rochdale, within an earshot of where Dame Gracie Fields lived.

Jimmy continued developing his character in the Northern Clubs. It was at this time that TV producers began to take note of this refreshing comic with the hilarious Irish logic. He reached the second finals of 'Search for a Star' and then appeared before HRH The Princess Margaret on the next night live for ITV's Royal Gala Show 'A Night of Hundred Stars' from the National Theatre. This really set the ball rolling for him.

In the next few years Jimmy made regular guest spots on television and radio, culminating in his own TV series for Central Television and his own radio series for BBC Radio Two.

However, even after four TV series Jimmy is still honing and fine tuning his live act, continually adding new and fresh material. In live performances word of mouth is everything and when people see his name outside a theatre they know they can bring not only their children, but their aunts and granddads, confident in the knowledge that they're going to see a first class show.

His clean Irish humour also makes a refreshing change on the after-dinner circuit.

Recently Jimmy has just finished writing a Musical about the woes of a struggling lower division football team called 'Give Me One Good Season' which he hopes to launch over the next few months.


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