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Gareth Dutton Photopgraphy Gareth Dutton Photography - Great young Lancashire-born and London based photographer available for all aspects of the job from weddings, portraits, live events to baby photography. Contact him for a no-obligation quote.

The Oldham Tinkers - are for me one of the finest set of musicians ever to come out of the Red Rose county. Their comedy and musical tradition epitomise the best of Lancashire and they have remained true to their roots. They can make you cry and make you laugh.  John Howarth for me is Oldham's equivalent to Eric Morecambe. Only slower...

Have a look at their website and buy their CD's - you won't regret it. Click here...

The Lancashire Hotpots - a great bunch of lads who have brought Lancashire to the fore with their hilarious take on all things contemporary.

Lancashire County Cricket Club- support em!

-join em! Get the old Lancashire county boundary back where it should be. Find out why November 27th is Lancashire Day and what time to do the Loyal Toast! Click on the logo.

* Lancashire Link List - more Lanky links than you can shake a black pudding at.

* The Domesday Book (Contains some fascinating insights into Lancashire history at that time)

* If you like Lancashire's George Formby - click here...

* After Dinner Speakers and Motivational Speakers available.