NEIL HAMILTON is a great speaker for any occasion - for a riotous after-dinner speech or a serious topic presented in an entertaining way.

From 1983-97 he was one of Britain's best-known Conservative MPs and a Government Minister under Margaret Thatcher and John Major. Now he is an author, broadcaster and media personality.

He has addressed thousands of audiences - from small seminars to vast conferences. Whatever the topic he is guaranteed to produce a challenging opinion, combining wit and interest.

He has been The Spectator's Parliamentary Wit of the Year and writes for leading newspapers and magazines on current affairs - with a barbed wit.

He has appeared widely on TV and radio - from the Louis Theroux documentary and `Panorama' to `Have I Got News for You,. His `Newsnight, interview with Jeremy Paxman and Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger was `interview of the year' in 1996.

He was an economist and barrister before becoming an MP. His experiences in law, economic and politics have made him a master of the jargon - he can spot bullsh** at a hundred paces but also convince you he is an expert on any subject whilst knowing next to nothing about it!

But seriously though-

* 1990-92 he was Government whip - practitioner of the `black arts' fictionalised by Michael Dobbs in `House of Cards'

* 1992-4 Corporate Affairs Minister at the DTI - responsible for the City, Financial Services, Insurance, Corporate and Commercial Law, monopolies and mergers, fraud and insider dealing etc.

* Britain's representative in Brussels at the European Council of Ministers - covering all aspects of trade between Britain and Europe.

* He had special responsibility for reconstruction in Eastern Europe and was the UK delegate to the G7 Conference.

* Deregulation Minister - whose job was to make life hell for `Sir Humphrey' and all Ministers responsible for tying us up in red tape.

He is of course married to the redoubtable Christine, author of British Battleaxes and an excellent speaker in her own right.


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