Rohit Talwar

Rohit Talwar

"Everyone here has been really impressed with your insights and your willingness to spend time ensuring that all the themes and messages resonate with our partners so that they are able to apply these insights to their own world. We have worked with many keynote speakers in the past and you really stand out in terms of your accessibility to us and your genuine interest in what we are trying to achieve." Global Law Firm October 2005

Rohit Talwar is a UK based global futurist, strategist, innovator and change agent. He has a reputation as an innovative thinker and an action orientated, insightful, entertaining and thought-provoking speaker on global trends and challenges.

At the end of October Rohit launched a personal campaign to raise One million pounds for good causes. He started with a fund raising seminar and dinner for the Pakistan Earthquake Red Cross Appeal in Singapore an event which received widespread TV, press, radio and web coverage across Asia. Rohit is currently working with a number of parties to develop a programme of fund raising events. Rohit would welcome suggestions for other events and activities that could form part of the fund raising campaign.

Also, in October, Rohit received the prestigious stickiest guru award after being voted best speaker at Asia s largest travel conference IT&CMA / CTW Asia-Pacific 2005.

Rohit works with global corporations, innovative young companies and governments across the world. He advises global leaders and helps them develop insights into the key trends and developments shaping the future and then act on them to create and deliver strategic innovation and change.

His role is to help governments, global businesses, professional service firms and individuals anticipate, understand and act on the trends, forces and ideas that will shape our futures. His work draws on over 10,000 hours of research and he has spoken to and consulted on 5 continents and in over 20 countries including Australia, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, the UK, the USA and Zimbabwe.

Rohit s current focus in on the future of Asia and he is researching a book on China in the 21st century.

His clients include ABN Amro, The BBC, BT, BAT, BAe Systems, Berwin Leighton Paisner, Cargill, Chloride, Citibank, DeutscheBank, EADS, Electrolux, Ernst & Young, Glaxo Smith Kline, IBM, Intel, Linklaters, Marks and Spencer, Morgan Stanley, Nokia, Nomura, Novartis, Orange, Panasonic, Pfizer, Playtex, PwC, Shell, Thames Water and Yellow Pages.

In government he has worked with the US Department of Defense, the Singapore National Horizon Scanning Centre and in the UK the Civil Contingencies Secretariat, Defence Science and Technology Laboratories (dstl), Home Office, Environment Agency, Foreign Office, Health Modernisation Agency, Ministry of Defence and Office of Science and Technology and the Departments for Constitutional Affairs, Trade and Industry and Environment Food and Rural Affairs.

Rohit Talwar Recent Testimonials 

UK Public Sector Testimonials

"Rohit ran a highly informative, engaging and thought provoking workshop for us on future trends in society and the implications for healthcare. He showed a tremendous grasp of the challenges facing the health service and healthcare professionals and helped us develop some very practical solutions for critical future challenges we are facing. Rohit also demonstrated great sensitivity to the changes the organisation was undergoing."

Susan Fairlie


NHS Institute for Improvement and Innovation


"Rohit Talwar has facilitated, hosted and participated in a number of

horizon scanning events which Government Departments have commissioned,

including the Cabinet Office's Civil Contingencies Secretariat. His comprehensive scope, attention to detail, and forensic skill in argument have ensured their success and opened many minds to innovative thinking about the future".

Simon Strickland

Civil Contingencies Secretariat

UK Cabinet Office

The Home Office Strategic Policy Team (SPT) commissioned follow up work from

Fast Future (FF) to make an hour long presentation and to assist with structuring participants' input during the remainder of a half day futures workshop in September 2005. The workshop's aim was to present the findings of a far more substantial piece of work: the bespoke horizon scan which FF had delivered earlier in the year which was commissioned by our Science & Research Group (not by SPT). We received a good level of service in terms of the preparation for this workshop, involving the quick turnaround of a resourceful presentation of the key trends and drivers which Rohit delivered in an engaging way at the event. Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive and the event will form the basis of further work. Rohit also produced a clear and concise write-up and set of recommendations following on from the event. This document will greatly assist greatly in sharing the outputs and carrying forward discussions with colleagues across the Department.

Helen Earner

Home Office Strategic Policy Team


"Rohit's planning and facilitation, coupled with his relevant knowledge, led to a very successful event. We only had a limited time to achieve the aims and, although they had to work hard, the participants found the process he had developed a stimulating one and I think were impressed at the quality and volume of the outputs they produced. "

Research Manager

Public Sector Agency (Health Focused)


I worked closely with Rohit Talwar (Defra Horizon Scanning Unit) in planning, facilitating and reviewing the outcomes of a workshop on the future of non-food uses of crops held at DTI's Futurefocus Facility in June 2005. Rohit's contribution was invaluable. He helped DTI and Defra plan the event - particularly in structuring the discussion sessions; he put together a pre-meeting paper outlining some key trends and uncertainties that were likely to affect the non-food crops industry over the next 50 year, presented these to kick off discussion and worked closely with the DTI facilitator on the day to ensure the event ran smoothly and adapted to participant's

input . In addition he pulled together the outcomes of the event in a creative, easily assimilated way. Both the event and the follow up report were well received by participants and government sponsors. I have no hesitation in recommending Rohit and his team to you.

Dr Sue Armfield

Head of Agribusiness, Marine & Industrial Biotechnology

DTI Bioscience Unit


The National Security Coordination Centre (NSCC), Prime Minister s Office, Singapore, engaged Mr Rohit Talwar for the National Security Seminar 2005, themed Horizon Scanning and Collaboration. During the seminar, Mr Rohit Talwar gave an insightful and thought-provoking forty-five minute presentation which left a positive impression on the members of the audience, mostly senior security practitioners.


As part of his speaking engagements, NSCC also arranged for Mr Rohit Talwar to meet with senior officers of key Singapore ministries for discussions and idea-sharing sessions. Mr Rohit Talwar was always well prepared during these discussions. Given Mr Rohit Talwar s grasp of the issues of the day and the knowledge gained from the extensive research work that he has conducted, he was able to relate very well to the issues being discussed. His wide experiences in working with government and private organizations allowed him to provide useful insights as well as incisive analyses of the issues at hand.


Mr Rohit Talwar s vast experience, knowledge and effective communication styles will make him an invaluable speaker and presenter at any seminar. His willingness to listen to people he meets shows his receptivity to new ideas. His frank and honest manner and generous sharing of ideas makes him a valued member in any discussion.

National Security Coordination Centre


Private Sector Testimonials

Rohit's presentation was very much tailored to the audience and provided an eye opening vision of what the future may hold and its impacts to all businesses. His delivery was excellent, providing an engaging, challenging and humour filled talk. As a keynote speaker, Rohit definitely delivered.

Runjit Dosanjh

EMEA Credit Director

Intel Corporation

'Rohit has helped us generate excitement for exploring the organisation s

future in a variety of senior management teams unfamiliar with strategy

development. His presentations have been well tailored to different groups

and invariably stimulated lively debate and engagement. A closed session

with our management board was particularly successful. His follow up is

helpful and his informal mentoring has helped the strategy team advance

their futures thinking.'

Head of Strategy Development

FT100 FMCG Company

"Everyone here has been really impressed with your insights and your willingness to spend time ensuring that all the themes and messages resonate with our partners so that they are able to apply these insights to their own world. We have worked with many keynote speakers in the past and you really stand out in terms of your accessibility to us and your genuine interest in what we are trying to achieve."

Global Law Firm October 2005


"Exciting, stimulating, awesome, fascinating. Far from being scary, Rohit

Talwar's vision of the future is that it is an opportunity that we should

already be grasping with both hands. "

Amanda Anderson


Cardamom Bridge Limited - Communications Strategy - Live Event & Video Production

"Rohit was an excellent speaker - sharing his expertise and in-depth research

on how to scan the horizon for critical trends and on how to apply the insights to achieve practical business benefits. In briefing him on our client, their culture and their business state he was extremely perceptive and sensitive to the sensitivities and the implications of the market and the people. His contribution to this international business' first ever European marketing seminar made a very lively and fitting

finale and the feedback from all delegates has been positive. We will certainly find opportunities to work with Rohit in future."

Chris Woodcock

Managing Director

Razor Public Relations Limited


Testimonials from Recent Public Conferences and Workshops

Dear Rohit,

Thank you for your presentation at my annual conference. You were judged a great success by the participants.

"Insightful, challenging and inspiring. Rohit has an energetic, well-researched, humorous and highly engaging presentation approach which captivated our audience of public and private sector leaders. He provided a very practical approach to analysing and acting on future trends to drive real change in our organisations. Rohit left us with images, issues and insights that constantly reappeared throughout the event and he created some very clear focal points for much of the subsequent discussion in our event.

David Smith

Chief Executive

Global Future Forum


Rohit Talwar was a highlight at the 1st European Futurists Conference Lucerne, as a speaker and as a facilitator. In fact, for the state secretary for research and education of Switzerland - a sponsor of our conference - Rohit was simply the best .

Georges T. Roos


European Futurists Conference Lucerne


Rohit, I just want to say how much I enjoyed your presentation and workshop at the UK Business Incubation Conference on Tuesday November 29th 2005. The content was fascinating, enlightening and superbly delivered. The feedback that I have had from other delegates was universally complimentary. I will be recommending to UKBI that we run the workshop again as a stand alone session and invite a wider audience.

Peter Wood

Chief Executive

Sheffield Technology Parks



Many thanks for the inspiring workshop "The Future of Incubation". Your delivery was very informative, versatile, and well structured. I very much appreciated the interactive elements challenging both professional and personal aspects of future visions and development. Very enlightening!

Marina Ibrahim

Marketing Manager

SP/ARK Creative Industries Centre - Wolverhampton Science Park


"I attended Rohit's all day presentation and workshop on global trends and the future of incubation at the UK Business Incubation conference on November 29th 2005. I enjoyed Rohit's approach, style and facilitation skills, helping me to focus not only upon the business goals, but also my personal ambitions and aspirations and how both can be achieved excellent workshop - the best!

Lee Sanderson-Mann

Head of Business Support Unit

University of Derby


Thank you for an excellent workshop on the Future of Incubation on Tuesday. It gave me the opportunity to focus on where we want to bring our centre and also think about our start ups in the global picture rather than just at a regional level.

Janette Gillen

Business Innovation Centre Manager - Institute of Technology

Ballinode, Sligo.


On Tuesday 29 November 2005 I attended a day long UK Business Incubation

workshop on the Future of Incubation run by Rohit Talwar of Fast Future. It proved to be a full and most fruitful day that I'm pleased to endorse.

Stephen Griffiths

Innovation & Project Manager

Huddersfield University Business School Enterprise Network


Dear Rohit

Can I take this opportunity to thank you for the fascinating and inspiring workshop you ran on Tuesday at the UKBI Conference. The presentation you made to start the day off was particularly thought provoking. Thank you once again and best of luck with your endeavours.

Peter Cook

Essex Development & Regeneration Agency


I recently attended IT&CMA Asia Travel Conference 2005 held in Pattaya, Thailand. IT&CMA is an annual conference for senior executives in the hospitality and tourism

industry. A highlight of the conference was keynote speaker futurologist Rohit Talwar. He gave a thought-provoking talk on his perception of what the future holds for the travel industry sector and consumers. He captivated the audience with his subject matter and professional delivery of the key points and the impact they are expected to have. He handled the topic well and managed to stay interesting and entertaining throughout the presentation. I attend quite a few conferences each year in the course of my business and would rate Rohit Talwar among the top speakers I have had the pleasure of listening to this year.

Christopher Hurd




Your keynote at the Asian travel conference (October 2005) was a guided journey through vast expanses of information, drilling down to relevant details in a very

well-organized, informative and entertaining fashion. I appreciate the look

at both large trends and illuminating details, and how you wove it all together in a style that was thought-provoking and well-targeted to the audience. It was a pleasure meeting you in Pattaya. I thoroughly enjoyed your keynote.

Kitty Wells


Intellevents Inc California


"Interesting, useful, understandable and fun; this was a superb talk that provided a real insight into key future trends and developments and how they will affect us over the coming years. Everybody in business - or, at least, everybody who wants to stay in business - should hear this."

Brendan Power

Founder & Past President, Professional Speakers Association


Rohit has been working with the Academy for two years. He has spoken to several of our Chief Executive Groups and they have all found his subject (The Future) fascinating and have marked the session very highly. Rohit backs his talk on real research which gives him a high degree of authenticity. I would recommend him to any organisation.

Brian Chernett


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